Toyota SUV Reviews

Since 1994 Toyota first started its few production lines to manufacture its SUV model for Japan and US market, Toyota SUVs have been the best selling SUV in worldwide SUV market. Toyota has wide range of SUVs targeting different consumer range, different purposes and of course great exterior and interior design to make these crossover SUVs cool, wild and sexy.

If you are new to Toyota SUV, here is a quick summary on the SUV list that you can get in the market today. First for the young, vibrant, smart and entry SUV the Toyota RAV4 which really sleek look, great value for performance, exterior and interior design, also latest car and infotainment technology. Toyota FJ Cruiser gives you the rough, tough, steady look with delivering efficient performance to go off-road and providing great driving experience on bumpy and mud road. If you need extra cargo or truck like crossover SUV, the legendary Toyota 4Runner can give you what you want. For luxury and 7 passenger seater SUV, Toyota also presents a few models to serve this market segment. Starting from Toyota Highlander, Toyota Sequoia, to the highest end luxury model the Toyota Land Cruiser.

Below are the complete list of 2013/2014 Toyota SUV that is selling in the market now.

Toyota SUV
MSRP From.
Fuel Efficiency (MPG City/Highway)
2014 Toyota Highlander2014 Toyota HighlanderMost popular 3rd row seating SUV in the market with great specs, high fuel efficiency and affordable price.$29,02020 / 25
2014 Toyota RAV4Toyota RAV4Sleek and vibrant crossover SUV that give your power, stylish look, high technology for best driving experience.$23,30024 / 31
2014 Toyota FJ CruiserToyota FJ CruiserRugged for off-road and bold, cool exterior design with many color to chose from.$27,13016 / 20
2014 Toyota Sequoia2014 Toyota SequoiaSeat up to 8 passenger SUV to give spacious room for seat and cargo storage. Great for family outing or vacation.$43,59513 / 18
2014 Toyota Land CruiserToyota Land CruiserPopular for off-road great driving experience and sit up to 8 passenger.$78,75513 / 18
2014 Toyota 4RunnerToyota 4RunnerGreat legendary mid-size SUV deliver both power and large cargo space.$32,82017 / 22